Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd. was established in January 18, 2004, Registered capital of 60 million yuan,Shaanxi Aerospace Power High-tech Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary. The main business scope is a variety of industrial pumps and machinery and electrical equipment research and development, production and sales. Companies registered in the state-level Baoji Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, for high-tech enterprises.

Shaanxi Aerospace Power High-tech Co., Ltd. is initiated by some of the core units of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, with aerospace fluid technology (including liquid, gas) and inertial navigation technology as the core technology to engage in a series of civilian product design, development, production And sales of technology-intensive high-tech enterprises. Company on April 8, 2003 listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the stock referred to as "aerospace power", stock code 600343.


  • Mobile Injection (Booster)Pump

  • Sludge direct dry incineration system

    The waste liquid is first filtered and then conveyed through a waste liquid supply pump, atomized by…
  • Foam Flooding Oil Pump

    Foam drilling, cementing, oil field flooding operations, water shutting operations.
  • Pump Integrated Control System

    I design and production of industrial reciprocating pump more than 50 years, has accumulated a wealt…
  • Coal mine fracturing pump

    The BYW automatic remote control coal mine fracturingpump unit specializes in the system operation o…
  • Emulsion Pump

    A new series focusing on meeting the requirement of strengthening and broadening the support setting…
  • Diaphragm Pump

    GMB series of products for alumina, electricity, cement, coal chemical industry, mining and other in…
  • Piston Pump

    Widely used in the delivery of the particulate abrasive medium material such as pulp, slurry, coal s…
  • Water Jet Plunger Mud Pump

  • Oil Pump

    3SY, 5SY series of oil pump is mainly used for oil field between the crude oil delivery.
  • NEWS

  • 04-28

    "BJB" brand oil injection pump was identified as 2016 brand-name products in Shaanxi Provi…

  • 02-22

    The company's 2017 working conference was held at Jialong International Hotel

  • 02-15

    The company was rated as the 2015 advanced group

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